Our Team

Our Advisors (from left) Jeremy Gustafson, Bill Wilson, Paul Gustafson

Here at this Bartlesville, OK location, I work closely with two other outstanding and very experienced Financial Advisers, Paul Gustafson and Jeremy Gustafson. Working together as a team, we can provide access to a Financial Adviser for all our clients even when one of us is out of the office or meeting with another client. Also, as specialists in different areas of Financial Planning, we support each other in serving all our clients with a wide breadth of financial  knowledge and understanding. Please see more information on each adviser below. Office phone: 918-336-8200


Our Administrative Team (from left) Shelly Goodin, Rachel Ketcher, Christine Wise

Serving our clients with excellence and keeping us compliant with the latest Financial Industry regulations and practices requires a lot of follow through from our Admin Team. Shelly's detail oriented nature is a perfect fit for being our Records Manager, among other responsibilities. She and husband Brian enjoy their farm and outdoors lifestyle with their son, and also regularly are involved in new construction projects. Rachel, with 15 years of customer service experience has learned well how to multitask. It's a good thing for her personal life too with husband, Scott and seven children! Christine also covers a lot of bases, and may be calling you with reminders of upcoming appointments or answers to questions you've asked of one of our Advisers. Christine is married to Michael, and her daughter, Cerre, also provides occasional administrative help. To reach anyone of our Administrative Team, please call: 918-336-8200.


Bill Wilson
If you missed it, you can find out a little more about me at the bottom of the Home page. Some fun facts about me: I am an avid participant in athletic competition at the Senior Olympic level. Favorite sports to play are Tennis and Pickleball. My wife, Jamie, and I enjoy running together and doing ministry together, especially to the poor and those who need healing from illnesses. All total we have seven children, which makes for a whole lot of praying right there! I also volunteer time with American Patriot Service Corp to help Veteran families apply for and start receiving the VA Aid & Attendance Pension.
Paul Gustafson
Paul has worked in Financial Services for 24 years and now specializes in Retirement Income Management, Estate Planning, Trust Management, and Efficient Multi-generational Wealth Transfer. His training and initial work as a Chemical Engineer equipped him with an extraordinary ability to grasp complicated concepts and give attention to detail. He and his wife, Donna, have three children and six grandchildren. Away from the office, Paul is engaged with his family, church and community activities.
Jeremy Gustafson
Jeremy, a former Eagle Scout, graduated from Oklahoma University with a Finance degree and has worked in Financial Services for over 17 years. His specialty is monetary markets with an emphasis on researching and trading growth Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. Over the years, he has kept his computer skills and knowledge growing so that he has been able to diagnose and solve most of our information technology needs and issues. His "fun time" primarilly revolves around spending time with his wife, Abbie, and two fast-growing and highly creative children!
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